off_canvas plus AutoNavigation makes double Logo

I am a beginner with c5.
I am using the Theme Mortar and added the Auto Navigation. But now I have 2 Logos in the global area. Why? Where can I delete this? I want only one, a bigger sized one inside the header.
The big wide one was firts inserted in the global area. I was not brave enough to delete it, because it says always I cannnot return anymore to that version. Can I delete it in the stacks? Where exactly?
When I want to modify the block in the active side in the editing mode, the two logos are one block? The big logo combinded with the Auto NAV and schmall logo.
I hope I could explain it understandable....

Here, but still in construction

Thank you for help!

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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply

First deleting a block is not a big deal even with that warning message. Because it is in a global area it will affect all pages including that global area so versioning can't work. But you can always add it back to the same area later as you would add any other block.

If you want to delete it from the stack and need to find stacks just type "stack" in the intelligent search box right of Concrete5's top toolbar.

As for the last part of your issue, 2 blocks merged into, that is not something that can be addressed without having a look as it is just impossible and there must be another explanation.

have you tried contacting the Theme's developer about it?