pull a GlobalArea & Block using Ajax

Hello everyone

I am trying to pull a GlobalArea using Ajax with NO success at all.

This is what I have done:

[Theme Controller]
// path: /packages/theme_lazy4site/controller.php

I've created a Route there:
Route::register('/ajax/getContacts', '\Concrete\Package\ThemeLazy4site\Block\LazyContacts\Ajax\AjaxTools::getBlock');

[My Ajax Call]
This is my JQueryAjax Call

                url: '/ajax/getContacts',
                dataType: 'html',
                type: 'post',
                cache: false,
                data: {
                  cID: CCM_CID, // this is the Page ID
                success: function(response) {

[AjaxTools Class]
This is my AjaxTools Class and Method

I am trying to display the global area within that particular Block (Type Handler called lazy_contacts) view.

class AjaxTools extends Controller {
  public function getBlock()
$c = Page::getByID($this->getCID());
// - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
// Section: Contacts
 $b_name = 'Contacts Form';
 $b_type = 'lazy_contacts';
 $global = new GlobalArea($b_name);
 if($global){$$b_name = $global->getAreaBlocksArray($c);}
 if(is_array(${$b_name})) {
   try {

My question is why if I try to display the actual global area "$global->display();" I get NO result at all?

where if I loop the global area and I display the only block inside "${$b_name}[0]->display();" I get the result?

[One more thing]
I get this error message and I wouldn't know how to solve ..

Call to a member function getAreaCustomStyle() on a non-object in /concrete/elements/block_area_header_view.php

Also .. I have more work of this kind and I would appreciate if someone would be available to help me and to get paid well of course.

The work would be about pulling 1 or 2 more Blocks by Ajax.

Kind Regards
Matteo Montanari

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jero replied on at Permalink Reply
I don't think that's ever going to work. The reason being that unlike 5.6 where tools were in fact themeless pages, the new routes are not. They have no idea of what the current page is, and attempts to get the current page returns a null value. Thus there are lots of places where it's going to fall over.

A possible solution might be to have a special page template or event better a single page that does not have a header or footer etc, but instead has a bit of logic to decide which global area is requested and then declares that area, displays it and dies. If you call that page using ajax, It should just display the block and exit. Using a page like this also avoids having to add routes.
italinux replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello Jero
Thanks for the message, helpful.

What you are saying makes sense and that actually is an approach I remember I read about some days ago.
It was a well written article even though based on an older version of concrete5, it has been useful and a pleasure to read.

Here it is: http://tinyurl.com/qaaxp7n

There's also a video .. which is quite straight forward and nice to watch
sk01 replied on at Permalink Reply
tried to achieve it with the page type controller instead?
italinux replied on at Permalink Reply
I wouldn't be able to locate a page type controller actually.
Could you please give some more information about this approach.
sk01 replied on at Permalink Reply
do you want to have the block infos just to be displayed or do you also want to have forms or other inputs to be functional?
italinux replied on at Permalink Reply
I would like just the block infos and content to be displayed.
That would certainly be enough.