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I am just curios why a read more button is not included in the wysiwig editor. Are there any future plans to have this included for upcoming versions of Concrete5? Thank you!

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jjdb210 replied on at Permalink Reply
Can you describe this more? A read more link is just another link to a page with more content, so I'm not sure how you would want it incorporated into C5.

Are you thinking like WordPresses "More" tag that allows you to create a "fold" for blog posts?
jva1601 replied on at Permalink Reply
How you describe the more tag with Wordpress sounds about right. I was use to having it available in the Joomla wysiwig editor through a Joomla component called JCE.
katz515 replied on at Permalink Reply

I understand how you want it..

My short answer is...

Use page list with custom template,
This is what I did for my site

I created a page with Page List block.

The text shows up on the Page List is "Description" of the page. And I added "thumbnail" page attribute, and created the custom template to display the thumbnail.

Plus I added to display the published date and page Owner's username.

concrete5 is very different CMS from Joomla and Wordpress.

They are blog & article CMS.
concrete5 is sitemap CMS with blocks.