Site Traffic Statistics for 5.7

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Although third-party services like Google Analytics or Clicky can easily work with Concrete, I would like to see a self-contained package for tracking site activity, such as number of page views, traffic sources (referring urls), search terms, and others.

Are there any plans to build a site traffic statistics addon for 5.7?

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mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
As analytics in general is pretty complex, it's hard to compete in terms of features with Google Analytics and systems like Piwik. I personally never used the site statistics in 5.6 as it didn't have enough stuff to get insights from.

So it might be cool to see a really slick Piwik ( add-on for 5.7, one that integrates seamlessly with the Dashboard, maybe integrates more deeply to capture site searches. Piwik's API could potentially be used to create quite a rich experience within the dashboard (and saving a huge amount of development).

Yes it would be easier to just install a package to add analytics, but my concern would be the experience wouldn't be 'rich' enough, or at least rich enough compared to exiting expectations.
proweb365 replied on at Permalink Reply
It's not easy to build up a tool like GA. Therefore, it's better to use Google Analytic instead of building up a new tool.
PineCreativeLabs replied on at Permalink Reply
To be more specific, I am looking for something similar to this 5.6 addon:

Also, what about integrating something like this: