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In the latest C5 version there is a Tags block. However you can't add it without making a tags attribute. I did but have nowhere to activate the attribute. Can someone please explain the Tags block? What is it? What does it do? and how do I get to use it?

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TheRealSean replied on at Permalink Reply
Tags Attributes are applied to the Pages, So once you have added it you will see it in Pages, Properties, "Custom Attributes"

You add, "Tags" to the attribute, ie, "Red","Car","Automobile"

The Tag works as a tag cloud, so will take all those Tags applied to the pages and display them with a count, I am not to keen on its default styling but this can be tweaked.

I think(from memory you chose the pages to get the tags from?) normally you would add it to a Blog section.

{To add Tags attribute}
(This should work but it may change at a later date)

You want type "Select" then you may want to "Allow users to add to this list."

I use it within a Gallery to define tags about a gallery but I dont have the Tag Cloud to display them, I just use them for extra search phrases.

Hope that helps
pakigreenl replied on at Permalink Reply
So...next question, now that i have the tags working and am displaying a tag cloud on my blog page, why don't the displayed tags actually link to the page they were made on? When I click one it just puts me back on the blog page. Seewww.www.paullemke.net/index.php/services/blog...
TheRealSean replied on at Permalink Reply
I think the way tags work is to link to a search page showing where all the pages appear, as you could have more then one page with the same tag.

Although I wish there was a better way of displaying the info a friendly url style?

But from what I can see you site appears to work as it should, I am assuming you have fixed it in the mean time?
chuacha replied on at Permalink Reply
As I understood the index blog page tags should show the tags from all posts under this page.. maybe somebody knows the reasons why sometimes it doesn't work?
I have added tags for posts and have added tags block for the index blog page, but the tag block on the index blog page still empty...
What am I doing wrong?
pakigreenl replied on at Permalink Reply
What I figured out is that in order to display tags in the cloud as links, you actually have to add a search block then assign it's custom template to Tag cloud. then they link to the page. The tag block looks like it just displays that specific pages tags associated with it. Does that help?