Virtual Cassette Tape HTML5 Audio Player Block

I am thinking about making a fun audio block for the marketplace. It would be a virtual cassette tape player.

I am already working on it for a project I'm working on, so I have a live "prototype" available here:

It works just like an actual tape player! You can fast forward, rewind, and even switch tape sides!!

It uses HTML5 audio and jquery animation. It requires both MP3 and OGG versions of each audio track to function.

I am considering turning this into a block for Concrete.

What do you think??

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wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
Love it. Simple but fun!

The ability to add a title on the tape would be sweet; maybe using a 'Hand written' font?-
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
It looks really cool, but doesn't seem to work in Chrome.

I don't know where I would ever use it. There are some band/group sites using c5, so maybe they are a target user.