Block interface slow loading when accessing file object

Hi all, I would like to ask for your help in my problem. So I have this custom block which accesses the File Manager module. So everything's fine when I am adding an image but when I am in accessing the file through the file ID, the block's add and edi…

Block Zoomer Error

Declaration of Concrete\Package\Zoomer\Block\Zoomer\Controller::registerViewAssets() should be compatible with Concrete\Core\Block\BlockController::registerViewAssets($outputContent = '') What should I do to solve the problem?

Core Feature request - Page permissions extended to dashboard

OK, not really a block request but tossed a coin wether to post here or in the Dev forum and this won. I have a problem currently in allowing a less-than-God user to manage users, express object and other bits while restricting them from e.g. System an…

5.7: popup to get email when leaving website

Dear, I'm looking for an add-on on Concrete5 platform (running version 7) to help me capture email when people are leaving my website with a pop-up. Does this exist already ? If no, is there any plan to develop this ? Many thanks, Matt

Google maps marker by coordinates

Does any one have a google maps add on that allows the position of the location marker via coordinates rather than an address. The only one I could find was 6GL Google Map LITE + Snazzy Maps which has not been updated to include the google maps API key.…


Dear C5 users, For a friend I want to make a website in C5 with a nice webshop. Is there a good reliable webshop / e-commerce theme or add on available ?? I can't find something Gr. Stefan.

Image Slider with Multiple Images in One Slide

I am trying to use the image slider tool and customize it so you are able to see more than one image on a slide. Ideally, I would like to see 4 images on one slide. Has anyone done this before? Any help is greatly appreciated!


Hi, I am using the last version of concrete 5. I am looking for lightroom add-on. I am looking in Add-ons but when you search for Version 7 and Above, you have only add-ons for Compatible 5.7.1+ I try to install something like "Zoomer - Thumbnail…

Conversations in v8.1.0?

I've gotten v8.1.0 running and started looking at some of the features I am interested in and have questions about Conversations. I was hoping for something along the lines of the Discussions Forums add-on in the 5.6 group. The Conversations are nice, but…

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