Looking for Wagdi

I am trying to get hold of Wagdi https://www.concrete5.org/profile/-/view/43928/ Can anyone help me?

Free Concrete5 Add-On For Your Thoughts

We understand that your time is precious and that time is money. That's why we're offering you something back in return. If you'd be willing to spend 5 minutes filling in a quick survey that will help us decide what we build next - we'll send you a fre…

New Blocks

Two new blocks of mine available. Gallery Block. Mp page: https://www.concrete5.org/marketplace/addons/gallery-block/ Demo page: https://55web.uk/herts-web-design-development-products/concrete5-cms-add-ons/gallery-block Promo Block. Mp page: h…

C5 Marketplace and what add-ons you would like to see

https://www.concrete5.org/community/forums/chat/what-makes-concrete5-special-and-how-do-you-use-it/#953440 Feeding off comments I made about how ‘I love and use Concrete5’ it was suggested by @JohntheFish that I create a separate thread with what add-o…

Looking for insight.

Hi All- I'm a base level C5 user and I need help with a site I admin. A notification now appears above my website header. (Image attached). Furthermore, I am unable to login to the site now. Website url is http://racedayevents.net/ An help in correcti…

special offers

https://www.concrete5.org/profile/offers/post/ I seriously cannot figure out where to put the discounted price. Is the problem with the page or my brain?

Streaming Audio

I have a customer with radio station who would like to have his shoutcast internet stream available to visitors on the website.. Any ideas on how I can do this ?? Thanks Bob

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