Adding an external link to the navigation bar

Hi, I am trying to add an external link to our Navigation Bar but receive an error message stating 'This form not secure. Autofill has been turned off.' To add an external link to the nav bar in the past, I follow the below steps and have been succe…

Future of concrete5?

Hi concrete5 team, We have questions about the future of concrete5 not only for us but the agencies that we work for that heavily depend on it. 1) Is concrete5 being renamed dropping off the number 5 and being changed to "concrete cms"? If so can yo…


Okay, I know, I know, I should have backed up before altering a database record, but after a lapse of sound judgment, it's done. My ip address was blocked, so I did a quick search and saw a solution where you delete a banned ip. What I ended up dele…

Fantastic News

Congratulations: Concrete5 Wins a 2021 Leader Award in Content Management Systems From SourceForge. Read the post:

Default homepage image slider before and after adding new image

Hello, I am using Concrete5 Version 8.5.4 and having trouble with default homepage image slider before and after adding new image in it. I have attached two screenshots to show-in the actual issue. The first image "Screenshot-of-concrete5-page5.png" sh…

Hostgator php update has messed up all my website

Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I'm sure others have had this happen. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh and hostgator support said, your site isn't compatible and will not give a refund.

Hosting Concrete5 Meetings..

Please, I need a clarification.. If I want to promote concrete5 in my locality by hosting a meeting, please what is the procedures, and can I do it on social network group platforms. Please what evidence do you need, when I have had a promotional meeting …

simple stuff

How do you add a hyperlink (Payment Center) to main Navigation line? I want to make it simple to click a Navigation item like Contact US and lead the client to an off-site payment form.

Language switcher using 302

I am using the language switcher and it is using urls like fr-ch/switch_language/280/290/53 instead /fr-ch/faux-bob and it is using a 302 I either need it to use nice URLS or use a 301 redirect, any ideas?

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