3rd Party Sales Tax Softwares

I'm based in California and there are more than 1,000 postal zip codes and around more than 7 sales tax rates. Each postal zip code has a specific sales tax rate. Unfortunately for me, entering every & updating single postal zip code for California is a very time consuming task. Also from a past attempts, it appears there can only be a certain amount of tax codes before my ecommerce shopping crashes and charges customers a default sales tax rate.

Wanted to grasp the community's knowledge base. Are there any current 3rd party sales tax by location software that can be integrated for the ecommerce side of concrete5?

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jasteele12 replied on at Permalink Reply
You don't say what ecommerce package you are using (nor which version of concrete5).

If you are using 5.7+ (hopefully 8.2.1) you should check here: https://github.com/concrete5-community-store...

I'm in Oregon, so I don't have recent experience with California taxes ;)
eljayb27 replied on at Permalink Reply
My apologies for the lack of vital information! I'm currently using version of concrete5 and my eCommerce version is 2.8.18 by Portland Labs.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
I once proposed that Core Commerce should be modified to make tax pluggable, like payment methods, discounts and shipping methods. Didn't happen.

The second part of that plan would have been to use the location rules engine from Zone Based Shipping to create a tax rate plugin. As doing that in a way that was compatible with the marketplace depended on the Core Commerce change, I gave up.

It could still be done as a bespoke project for a specific site, but not with the bulk economy of the marketplace to spread development costs.