5.7 and event bookings?

Hi guys,

Can anyone recommend a simple solution to handle event bookings in C5 5.7? There isn't anything in the marketplace i can see? Will anything be released for this?

Any advice would be great!


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ebirt replied on at Permalink Reply
I can't offer a full fledged solution, more of something to look into...

I work at a mid-tier museum, and we are currently overhauling our website - new design and changing from Drupal to Concrete5.

We currently use VBO for out ticketing (and this will continue with the new website). They handle all of the payment aspects from ticket to cart to user login, within an iframe we embed on certain pages. We create the events through our VBO portal and those those populate within the iframe. Our website integrates with the same system selling tickets at the front desk.

We use this setup for everything from general admission, to special events and performances.

Hope that helps.