5.7.0 experiences

I've been working on two sites with 5.7. It is pretty cool what they've done, but a little flaky still. Frequent needs to save changes and reopen the editing to get the interface to reset. Had a strange problem where the site name area was suddenly empty (even in previous versions of the page) but eventually was able to get a content block to save in that area.

Will themes need to be rewritten to work in 5.7? The stock template is fine, but limited.

Looking forward to the next update to see if the stumbles go away.

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bek replied on at Permalink Reply

As far as I can see you can add your own custom themes to 5.7 in a very similar way in which you added custom themes to earlier versions (except now your custom theme goes in the application/themes folder) - the only other difference I can find is that the page intended for the homepage needs to be called full.php instead of index php.

I would like to stress thought that I've only tried this with one existing custom theme in 5.7 as yet.

I'm still going to get to grips with 5.7 as it's a welcome update, but for the time being I've decided to stick with the previous version for my client work as otherwise none of the add-ons will work. I'd be interested to know if I'm alone in this decision....

What are your thoughts?
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
There's some very helpful information on building both themes and add-ons for 5.7 here:
bek replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, that's really helpful.
As a C5 guru i wonder what you're opinion is & what you would advise on continuing to use the older version for professional work until 5.7 has add-ons up-dated & some of the minor issues are ironed out. Don't get me wrong I think 5.7 is great & I will continue to test it out for personal projects, I just need to make sure I'm delivering what I need to my (paying) clients.
gewald replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm doing two small projects with it where add-ons aren't critical yet. It can feel rather slow responding to clicks during the editing, and occasionally you have to publish your edits and come back in to get the UI to work right. I gather the next update will address speed issues and more. I just decided not to invest more energy in 5.6 since the upgrade path is going to be largely manual from what I've heard.
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
We're actively working hard on 5.7.x, the marketplace revisions that need to happen to support add-ons/themes for it, and rebuilding our own add-ons for it.

Today is september 19th 2014.

If your current project is dependent on add-ons/themes, or needs to launch in the next week or two, it might make sense to stick with 5.6 right now.

If you're building the site from scratch, and are looking at a launch in a few weeks, you'd be well served to stick with 5.7 and yell at us to get performance a bit tighter with 5.7.1 which is coming out shortly.
davidinottawa replied on at Permalink Reply
Timely and valuable information Franz - thanks.
flourish replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for keeping us updated!
What type of performance updates can we expect from 5.7.1?

Performance is going to be the make or break issue for my future development with C5.
On top of caching, I would love to see auto concatenation of CSS and Javascript, and minification on the fly.

Can you give us a nibble of what you guys have in mind?
bek replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Franz,

Thanks, that's really good to know re: the add ons etc.

I'm in the design stage of a project at the moment so once that's been approved in the next couple of weeks I'll give 5.7.x a real go.