A heartfelt thanks

This kinda gets taken for granted, so I thought I would say something here and emphasize my appreciation.

The C5 marketplace model is more than just paying money for addons. Many of you are faithful users and often purchase repeat licenses for your projects, and have first hand seen the value and time you save in doing so.

The money from this goes two places. 1 - %25 to Franz and co to continue making C5 fantastic with each new release. & 2 - to provide nutty developers like myself to keep working on my products, making them better and better, and even developing new ones.

So, to those of you who honor the licenses and support ongoing core and addon development. It is going to great use. I speak for myself and I am sure the core team,


Your projects drive this machine. It's the fuel for the engine!

Thanks for letting developers be a part of your projects, and supporting ongoing development for the project.


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