A very general question about a concrete requirement

Hello community,
I have a customer with a rather funny deadline for his project, and stumbled upon concrete5 just yesterday.
I started developing in processwire, but some project requirements that have been added recently, a rather hard if not impossible to achieve there. So I thought of switching to concrete5, but I'm unsure if everything that is needed can be made without learning to write own plugins (I'd love to, but there is simply no time for learning that now).
So maybe someone can tell me if following things can be made in concrete5 at reasonable expenditure of work:

- a quite big part of the site is data driven. So clients should be able to edit their own content on a form based layout. Meaning when they log in to the backend, they have preformatted fields like checkboxes, dropdowns, tables and textfields where they put their content in. (We are talking about 50-100 clients. Maybe more.)

- these fields are displayed in a standard template on the clients "subsite" and a subsite list can be searched and filtered by those values for front end users (preferably by AJAX, but that is optional)

- every client should have the possibility to add subpages to his "subsite".

- Some fields have to be restricted and only filled by superusers with Parameters used in JavaScript on the page (Ideally the client does not even see those fields)

- Forms have to be generated for the frontend for each subsite whereat the shown formfields are dependant of the filled in data

- for each submitted form a special generated mail has to be sent (for a parser in an external software)

There about a dozen more points which found out myself in concrete5, but those points are not something out of the box and I could not find out if this is even possible.

Any form of yes, no, never, easy... would be very appreciated.

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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
All of these things can be done with concrete5, but not without writing some custom code and probably setting up a lot of site permissions.
stewblack23 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey torf

You can easily to all these things in C5 and have it up in running a few hours. If you like I can do a quick overview of C5 functionality.


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torf replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the answers!
i think how to achieve this goals I have to find out myself (otherwise I'll never learn it), but it was quite important to know that is theoretically possible, and I do not waste time and energy in a nearly unsolvable problem.