Add Content Block and Edit Content Block Not Working

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Hello Concrete 5 Community,
I have a dilemma. When I go to "add Block" and then go to "content" so I can add a new contnet box, I get a white, empty square that pops up. The same thing happens when I try to edit a content box. At one time when I was beginning to build my website in early January, I could add a content box and edit a content box, but I cannot anymore. I have the latest version of concrete five, 5.5.1, installed. I have no idea what to do to make it work. I really need to have this feature. Here are some things I have tried. I did try to reset the cache. I was wondering if I could reinstall the that core feature somehow to make it work, but I am worried about making a mess--plus, I am not sure if that can even be done. Please, if anyone can offer assistance and ideas for what I can do to remedy this issue, i will greatly appreciate it very much.


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sika replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Did you ever get this resolved? I have the exact same issue.

mrfunkyteacher replied on at Permalink Reply
golfer1 replied on at Permalink Reply
I am have the empty white box issue too. Did you ever get the white "edit content" box fixed? If so what did you do?
Concrete5SpammingCunts replied on at Permalink Reply
After confirming that the problem was not fixed by the solution here:

I commented out my site stylesheets and the problem went away. Clearly it was a general style I was applying to the page that caused this. Probably a large top margin or white text in links or something like that.