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hi -
i recently installed the login add-on. worked fine. on that page, i added a form that allows a visitor to apply to be a registered user. logged out to take a look.
tried to log back in and i go to the user login page where it requests an email instead of user name.
i have downloaded and restored my site files and dbase files. no luck. is there a way i can find and remove what is causing this through file manager? right now, i am unable to get to control panel etc so i can't fix from within.

the site is still there, which is good.

thanks in advance.

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mkly replied on at Permalink Reply
Have you tried going to

(replace with your domain.
gaga60 replied on at Permalink Reply
hi -

thanks for the response. after spending time with a bluehost rep, we were able to get into the site. AND, i found the culprit. in the registered users area, i had check "use email address for login" thinking it was only for registered users and not admin. sometimes the smallest things. well now i know.

thanks again.
NAPSA replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi - I am in the same predicament. I was playing around with requiring registration, and clicked "use email address for log-in" and am now unable to log in as admin. I tried going to the dashboard - no luck. It just makes me sign in with an email address.

I attempted to create an account with the email address I use for everything, but it doesn't get me access to my dashboard or any admin capabilities.

Please help? How can I get in? Note that I am rather a novice and do not know how to code things.
apicella replied on at Permalink Reply
i spent a long time with a bluehost tech, without reaching a solution.

later i just used "admin" and my host registered email, and it solved the problem. switched back to regular password asap.

if all else fails, reach out to your hosting company and have them guide you into your mySQL dbase and adjust the password settings there.

not an instant fix, but at least you know where to look.

also remember that you can do a new install, with new (empty) database files and then populate them with your dbase backup (which you have, right?)

good luck