Anything new?

Hey all,

I haven't been around since a new client hired me to study some crypto stuff for them. All my development has temporarily switched from c5 add-ons to cryptography stuff due to the money over there.

Apologizes for failing to respond to Mikes message and possibly others EXCLUDING customers ( I always get back to them ).

So anything new with concrete5? How you guys feel about the direction the development with the CMS is headed? Just curious since I haven't been following 24/7 like the usual.


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frz replied on at Permalink Reply
I can only speak for the PortlandLabs team - but we haven't been this excited since 2009 when we were first watching our daily visitors here go from a few dozen to a few thousand a day..

The potential of Express is starting to trickle out and be used in the real world.
Features like folders in the file manger and stacks are starting to put the polish on core functionality we've always wanted to have time for.
Stuff like the CLI setup using PHP Composer make production workflow far easier.
Some of the support relationships we're building now are really great and helping the pace of core releases increase.

In the field, lots of folks are still climbing out of the valley of non-backwards compatible v6-v7 pain with quite a few migration projects out there. That said, there's some pretty cool stuff going on with the core in version 8+
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
Oh, I'd also add it's rare to catch us in the forums these days. It's all about Slack:
Gondwana replied on at Permalink Reply
This probably isn't new, but MrKDilkington is being a rabble-rouser. ;) He and I have been involved in a lengthy dialogue about how to get the non-feature aspects of c5 (eg, documentation, robustness) to catch up with the code, without unduly distracting the coders. You can see some of his ideas on slack #documentation.

I also suspect that MrK has been talking to others about these issues.

Look forward to much more info about this.