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We signed up with Arvixe 2 years ago to host our C5 site and they were originally fine. 4 months ago we had serious problems due to major DNS problems at their end and also server downtime. It was impossible to obtain support, after a month of massive disruption we gave up and moved to another provider. If you are looking for a hosting company, from our experience and t(according to web reiews numerous others)I STRONGLY recommend you avoid Arvixe.


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Thanks for that, SH. I'm dealing with HostMonster. Another one to avoid. At least for a while. Just over three months ago I upgraded my acct to Pro anticipating the need for better performance and support to accommodate using C5. Just after I did that, the quality of their service deteriorated significantly. Trying to do anything in C5 was almost impossible. I experienced dropped connections more times than I can count. And is wasn't my ISP. When I hit a delay, I always checked other sites or ran a connection test to confirm the connection was stable. And HM's service quality still has not improved. Going on three months now.

On another matter, I checked a review of Top Ten Hosting Services (2016 supposedly) and Arvixe was ranked No 1. I talked with them about switching from HM. Glad I stopped. Instead I tried InMotion. Tried moving my HM acct using a full cPanel backup three times. Failed every time. HM's backup script is messed up. When InMotion tried to use the backup to restore my acct on their servers, the file threw several errors.

Plus awstats hasn't been working since the end of Jan and HM still hasn't responded re that.

HM is using a business in India for tech support. It isn't the most skilled group of people I've ever dealt with. Language issues abound. Response is nonexistent.