Blocks and stacks

I am picking up where someone else left off on a Concrete5 site. When I try to access "Blocks and stacks" on the full sitemap, I get "You cannot access these permissions". Well, I'd like to know why and I'd like to know how to gain access. I think this is holding me back. Keep in mind I am pretty new to all this. Thanks for any assistance.

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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
If you are trying to access the blocks and stacks you should access them through the main dashboard menu, not the Full Sitemap.
TPColvin replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the response and I apologize for misleading. I am trying to access at the dashboard. And get the "You cannot access these permissions" when I attempt to access. I have discovered that there is a Super Administrator that I was not aware of. The guy that started this died suddenly a while back and I have no way to get information from him on SA username or password. I feel a little crippled. But if you have information I can use it would come in very handy.

hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
Do you have access to the database?

If so, you can go to the database and look in the Users table and change the email address of the user with ID 1 to one of your email addresses then use the 'Forgot Password' functionality to reset the password.
gavthompson replied on at Permalink Reply
I think what Hutman suggested will sort you out but you will need to be able to get access to the database via something like phpmyadmin.

If you don't have access the the website host give them a ring and explain what has happened and am sure they should be able to give you access to the web hosting platform so you can look at the database.