Can Concrete5 do this?

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I stumbled across Concrete5 in my search for a slick and easy CMS and my first impressions are very good. I have a website for a non-prodit organization with news stories and news categories, webshop, community (separate software), and intranet (separate software) and would like to combine this all in one new website.

I will definitely need someone who can do this for me, but before I post a job I would like to know if Concrete5 can do the following.

One of the important things I need is a simple intranet environment with a knowledge base and a file management system. I need the possibility to add users to groups that have access to certain folders where they can download documents. A few 'managers' should be able to upload documents and have access to all folders, and also add knowledge base articles.

Is this possible with Concrete5 or can this be custom built easlily?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
yes. all of that can be done.

But before paying someone, download a free copy, and read up on "advanced permissions".

setting up advanced permissions, you should be able to do most of what you want.

You may need some help getting the profile page to look and act like you want.

I believe there is a file list addon, and you can have a file associated to more than one set. So a user can be assigned to a group, and a file assigned to a set that is dedicated for that group. and on the members profile page, you can have an if/else in the view to check what group a user is in, and display a specific file set based on what group.

Marco72 replied on at Permalink Reply
Many thanks! I will look into Concrete5 a bit further and will probably post some more questions soon. :-)

Thanks again.

P.S. I already love Concrete5!
Marco72 replied on at Permalink Reply
I've watched screencasts, played with the first installation and read documents for Concrete5 all day. :-) I will probably going to use it and buy 10 add-ons or so. But before I can do that, I have some questions.

My current site has a big news section (driven by Article Manager, a discontinued but very powerful product from with 5 categories (each category displayed independently from eachother - on my website each category is a different language) and 9,000 articles in the database. Per day, 3-5 articles are added. For Concrete5, ProNews would be the best option I guess. My questions:

- Is it possible to convert the MySQL database of Article Manager to ProNews?

- Are RSS feeds created by ProNews and if so, can feeds per category be created? (I use the RSS feeds for an iPhone app too.)

I currently use forum software by InvisionPower (IP.Board), with 30,000 posts and 1,700 users. Is it possible to convert the MySQL database of IP.Board to the Concrete5 Discussion Forums (inclusing user data)?

If the above is possible, what price range should I think of for converting the databases to Concrete5, plus converting a PSD design to a theme and some other minor tweaks?

As soon as I have this information, I will present this option to the board of the organisation and ask for their approval before I can continue.

My apologies for asking so many questions, I hope someone is willing to share information.

Marco72 replied on at Permalink Reply
Bump :-)
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
importing into the database is going to be hard, concrete5 creates a lot of different rows in different tables for every page.

One idea might be to look into apps that use the http layer to batch stuff out.. Theres a few out there I forget their names.. something like "kapow"

Regardless, no 9000 articles are going to have to get imported somehow and I don't have a tool for that, sadly.
okhayat replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
I've done migrations of 4+ websites so far, one being a Joomla (in progress) magazine site.
The main site,, has 6+ years archive and many different subsections.
The best thing was to write a custom script to migrate the content. The script simply creates category/article pages with additional page attributes, custom page types.. etc, using Concrete5's API.
I can share the script if you're interested. Actually if you look through my posts there is a big chance you might find it :)
Marco72 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Franz, Ossama,

Many thanks for your replies. Ossama: that sounds great! I'm not really into database conversion (even using phpMyAdmin is too much for me ;-)). Could you convert the databases? I'd be happy to pay for it.

I searched for a PM option on this forum but didn't find it so I can't PM you.

Thanks again.
okhayat replied on at Permalink Reply
Sure, I can help with this.
I need:
1. More information about the data to be migrated.
- Do you want to migrate simple pages/articles with some additional meta data?
- If user accounts migration is also required?
2. To know the collation/encoding used (maybe it needs conversion from latin1 to utf8)
3. Either a test installation on your server, or a copy of the data so I can test the migration locally.
You can PM me this information though my profile. Just click on my avatar, and you'll see the button 'Send a message'
Marco72 replied on at Permalink Reply
How could I NOT see that link? :-) Thanks, I will send you a message.
madelyn replied on at Permalink Reply

I have the same problem. I need to migrate a large site from other CMS.
okhayat replied on at Permalink Reply
Replied to your PM. The migration script barely reads the old categories/pages structure and created the same page structure in Concrete5 using the API.
It doesn't created/move files from the old directories or does anything else.
For the migrations I did, I just kept all the old files as is.
Hope this helps.
madelyn replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, thanks.

I guess it will help us. My old CMS export to xml too. But only need create all pages to C5 with similar structure.


Sorry my bad english.