Can I do this with concrete5?

Hello guys, I've been using Concrete5 about a year or a two ago for simple static websites so some clients could edit them once in a while without bothering me. Now I'm working on a website project about real estate, I tried to use wordpress and it didn't work for me (not gonna mention developing a theme for it), I was thinking of creating my own CMS for specific purposes but then thought maybe Concrete can do this for me and I it's fairly easy to use and develop for it. I haven't used Concrete since then so I don't know what everything is possible, but I have to ask this question:

On home and search results page, I would like to make a list of top apartments with short info about price, rating, location. When the user clicks on that apartment he will be taken to a page about that apartment with a full description. Can I make it possible that when my client enters information about an apartment to make specific information visible on each of those 3 pages without the need of typing it 3 times?

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WebcentricLtd replied on at Permalink Reply
It sounds like you are describing using pages and page lists.
Create a page for each property and then add a page list block to a listing page to list those pages.

The basic functionality is very easy in Concrete5, it can get more complex if you start filtering the pages by differeng page attributes but all in all Concrete5 can handle this easily.
njutn95 replied on at Permalink Reply
Wow, thank you for REALLY quick reply! I'll give it a try once I complete my html template, converting won't take long unless it has been changed. I'll re-read the documentation for this version, just wanted to know if this would be possible.