Can't disable statistics

Because the first dashboard page always lows really slow, I was trying to disable the statistics with:


Which I found here:

It doesn't seem to makee any difference, though. Does it completely remove the statistics display from the dashboard? Or just stop logging it to the database?

Also, is there a page where we can see an overview of all the configuration options?

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solismedia replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, same here! I removed it by editing the following file:


The module it calls is modules[1] so locate that in teh code, then comment it out as follows:

<div class="ccm-dashboard-inner"> <?php /*echo $dh->output($modules[1])*/?> Stats graph removed becasue shockwave object takes too long to load. (This is edited in /concrete/single_pages/dashboard/view.php) </div>

I'm not suggesting that is the proper way but it worked for me.

It appears to be server related. ALL sites on our dedicated server take ages to generate the graph (its a shockwave object i think), but sites on an associates server are fast as you like!

I think its got to be a server setting, or php setting, or some optimisation for shockwave generation?

I'd love to know, so we can rectify it.! any ideas any one?
pakigreenl replied on at Permalink Reply
Do like solismedia suggested. But comment out this whole div: <div id="ccm-module-row1">

It will take out the entire top row which is statisics. Then go get the new clicky addon. It adds clicky statistics to the dashboard and updates instantly not daily like google analytics.
Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
umm, thats not going to speed up your site,
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
it'll speed up the dashboard load. That graph on default concrete5 install is killer slow.
Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
i guess, just because its flash,
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
Actually, no - because its a huge sloppy query.
It's just a very ineffective way to sum stats.

If you're running a website that gets lots of visitors, you should
absolutely be turning that built in graph off and use one of the stat
add-on packages like Tony's - or google analytics.

best wishes

Franz Maruna
andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
It will stop logging statistics to the database, but old ones will still be there. Which means it won't get any slower, but if it's slower it's going to still be slow.

You can try running the SQL query

truncate table PageStatistics;

and that should help speed it up as well.

Much of this slowness is due both to the queries that our stats do (without optimizing that well) and to some of the "activity" statistics that show up in the upper lefthand dashboard module. We should address this in the next version of concrete5 with an updated dashboard home page.
TheRealSean replied on at Permalink Reply
Has anyone created an addon or job that will automate or allow for a trim of the page statistics table, similar to the cache clearing jobs that are available?

I would like to be able to keep the stats but not have them interfere with my backup

Are the older statistics used in the calculations of the site current page stats?(just had to clear a table going back to 2010 140k rows [edit* 240k I run to 2012 not 2013] and this is a site that is not that popular)

**Edit edit, I have also just realised that this thread is incredibly old and the define constant used above does not need to be used from the site.php any more you can turn it off/on from the dashboard
at index.php/dashboard/system/seo/statistics/
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Backup Voodoo has options to only backup a trimmed version of a table (it leaves the original table alone).