cant log into site

Unable to login to my website. shows " an unexpected error occurred. allowed memory size of
.........bytes exhausted ( tried to allocate ........bytes ).
Site doesnt show username or password box so i Can log in ?
appreciate your help.

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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply

That sounds like a process somewhere is taking too much memory. Because it happens when loading the login page, which shouldn't take that much memory, my guess is a piece of code somewhere has an error, most likely what we would call an infinite loop. Something supposed to run a few cycles and stop but that doesn't stop for some reason.

Without a direct look at your website, it's impossible to tell exactly what's causing it.

If you want me to have a quick look you can post your website address here. And if you want me to have a deeper look, feel free to contact me by Private Message from my public profile:
armidalepresbyterian replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you
my site is
Surprised this happened as not a lot of content on the site.
My hosting administrator had a look and couldnt understand why either.
he increased to 256mb.

ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply