Captcha Image is not showing

No matter what I do, the captcha image is not showing on any of the pages that use it, login, guestbook, anything. GD is installed and I've made sure permissions on the files (captcha.php, elephant.ttf, etc...) are correct and still no image is being shown.

Is anyone else having this problem? Have you found a fix for it? If not, is there any alternative you can suggest?


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10010110 replied on at Permalink Reply
I have the same problem. I’ve moved my site from a sub directory to the root (to go live) and all of a sudden no captcha image is shown anymore. It used to work in the sb directory. And if I try to view the image directly it says that it can’t be displayed because the image contains errors. I’ve already checked for proper permission of /libraries/3rdparty/elephant.ttf but it doesn’t help. What’s wrong??
baskettcase replied on at Permalink Reply
We've been having problems with captcha also so I put this code in and it seems to work.


$this->securimage->ttf_file = DIR_LIBRARIES_3RDPARTY_CORE . '/securimage/elephant.ttf';
WITH (use gd font since ttf is not working)
$this->securimage->ttf_file = DIR_LIBRARIES_3RDPARTY_CORE . '/securimage/elephant.ttf';
$this->securimage->use_gd_font = true;
$this->securimage->gd_font_file = DIR_LIBRARIES_3RDPARTY_CORE . '/securimage/gdfonts/bubblebath.gdf';
10010110 replied on at Permalink Reply
By the way: If anybody comes across such an issue, too, I’ve posted a solution/workaround in this thread:
grannyiescrazy replied on at Permalink Reply

This is what is in file now?<?php

defined('C5_EXECUTE') or die("Access Denied.");
class ValidationCaptchaHelper extends Concrete5_Helper_Validation_Captcha {}