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I have a customer with a multi language site. I have several forms in different languages but now need to change the Captcha instructions on one form; 'Please type the letters and numbers shown in the image' and 'Click the image to see another captcha' to into Canadian French!

I have trawled the Form source files to find the text but no joy. Does anybody know in which file I might look please?


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12345j replied on at Permalink Reply
check out root/concrete/models/system/captcha/types/securimage/controller.php
igrieves replied on at Permalink Reply

Thanks for your help. I found the file and amended the text, uploaded it, refreshed, and voila - no change on the site?

Is there something else I should know at all or have missed? (I'm not a php programmer)

okapi replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
You have to build the exact folder structure at your installation root:


and put the modified copy of controller.php into the folder "securimage".

This overrides the original controller.php in


I've tested it, it works.
gmatik replied on at Permalink Reply
What about version 5.6.0??
fhinojosa replied on at Permalink Reply
Gmatik, I know it´s a bit more than a year to late... but it might help somebody else like me who stumbled into this problem.

In c5.6 there is a slight difference on where the original file is, the concrete core is under the core folder. I’m guessing this difference makes it all a bit easier because you just need to copy the methods. The file structure and the file (extending all the necessary classes) are all setup and ready to go under: root/concrete.

The original file is at: root/concrete/core/models/system/captcha/types/securimage/controller.php, now find the methods you wish to override, copy & paste them at the file located at:
root/concrete/models/system/captcha/types/securimage/controller.php.Last of all, modify what you wanted… save it and its up and running!

Aryeh , I also tired creating the same file structure in my project root and it worked. Don’t really know the difference, but might be worth looking at that, specially to check if this might help on creating different captcha types extended from the same controller and be able use on different forms… but haven’t tested anything it’s just I wild shot.

aryeh replied on at Permalink Reply
if i change the captcha tect it will change for all the forms no?
how do i change the text only for one form?