CC5 Admin URL auto-redirecting me to Public Website URL

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has come across this before. When I try and access , I get a webpage trust error warning from browsers , proceed with make make exception etc. The error relates to a issue with SSL config [ image attached
then if you continue I automatically get redirected back to

No what I cant work out this seems only isolated to me. Others can access this fine. So this is what I have done :
[ taken from a support ticket ]

" This totally makes no sense to me now. I have just re-installed my OS and wiped all partitions. I did a Factory reset on my router which is a Linksys WRT1900ACS
I have just tried with Firefox Browser and I get the same combination about an SSL error and get re-directed. I have attached screen shot of what I see in /etc/hosts
However. given I have reset the router to factory settings , have a new IP , clean DNS cache ,{{{{{{{ browser cache}}}}}}}}}}and it is still giving me this isolated to my connection does not make any sense at all. I have tried on a Windows OS as well. As there anything on your end that might be blocking my connection. As there must be some reason I am getting the SSL error about unsafe connection. If the SSL error [ screen shot attached ] is seeing that the connection is unsafe for the admin URL it will be re-directing me back to the main URL. [ please see attached ] . I will try using a mobile network tethered to my laptop and see if that makes any difference , but I am running out of ideas. If you could review attached and see if there is anything there that might make sense
Thanks plus the 3 attachments that went with this message

Those URL's are screen shots. I have read online it could have something to do with the settings.php file and see what is set as the $base_url . Anyone shed any light on this ???

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