change my username

Ugh - don't ask.
This user name is not the username I want. It looks like I somehow pasted the name of a project I was working on in the username field when setting this account up. This is so not what I was going for.
I've sent a message to Julia on Jan 21st and haven't heard back from her yet.
As far as I understand things, there's no way to delete my account so I can re-register with the username of choice.
So - ya. Laugh - it's kinda funny - but please, who do I need to contact or how can I alter my username - suggestions welcome.

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PaiviK replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
If you mean your user name here at C5:

Sign in, go to your Account (clik your username up right next to Logout),
under Edit Profile title is a list, choose Profile and account
and you get another list, choose Edit Account, Password and Preferences.
You should be able to change your name, just be sure to save changes
PhobosTech replied on at Permalink Reply
Perfect I have no idea how I missed that.
Thanks :)