CMS for me?


I have tried to find "best" CMS for my use. Previously I have used WordPress, but I don't want to just blog anymore. I'm no coder, so I have to read howto's and other documentation. I have made couple of plugins for personal use for WordPress, but that is it.

My question about concrete5 is this. Is there any easy way to get it to work with subdomains? I really love to use subdomains, etc. I have Wildcard DNS and have used it to test couple of plugins with Drupal.


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frz replied on at Permalink Reply
yes, you can certainly set subdomains to point to specific parts of a c5 site, and make c5 sites that behave in unique and exciting ways with them.

no, i wouldn't call it easy for a non-coder as there's no page in the dashboard that just magically does this.
atomix replied on at Permalink Reply
I don't fully understand subdomains, but wouldn't they just point to a subdirectory? And to do this one would edit the subdomains through the hosting server (cPanel?)? Witht hat said, would present the login page (with pretty URLs on)?
Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
when you're using c5 all the requests are passed to index.php and since there's just one index.php all the sub domains have to point to the same directory.

you could let them point to another directory but that would mean you have a completely sepearted c5 installation.

Imagine something like this:

Would be nice if news and products are part of the same c5 installation. There's also a feature request about that...