concrete5 8.5.0 is Now Available!

Hey everyone – it's been about a 9 months since the last major release of concrete5. This one is a big one, including:

* Improvements to searching and setting file storage locations
* Added the User Selector attribute to the core, enabling the selection of users for pages, files and Express objects.
* Much improved logging support: more actions are logged, and you have the ability to specify what log levels you want to keep/discard in the Dashboard. Additionally, Monolog Cascade support means granular logging configuration is available in the PHP config
* Additional support for configuring authentication limits and password/username requirements through the Dashboard UI.
* Much improved routing component with easier to use syntax for developers.
* Beginning support for our new REST API.
* Added preview images when mousing over images in the file manager
* Much, much more: 8.5.0 contains hundreds of updates, improvements and bug fixes.

You can check out all the additions on the 8.5.0 release notes page.

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Janks replied on at Permalink Reply
I did install the 8.4.4 version some weeks ago.

Is it an easy task in general to do the upgrade to 8.5.0?

Can we expect also the various add-ons now to be easily available for 8.5.0?
radeff replied on at Permalink Reply
quite easy and generally quite useful

on my side I always use the commande line
./concrete/bin/concrete5 c5:c5-update
for details

because it's much faster and reliable than through http/https, and I've a bash script to update many websites on many servers

I've juste updated dozens of website on my own server with it, no problemo

juste one fails, got a blank page :-(
perhaps because I had the bad idea to name some express entities with a reserved variable name (think so but not sure); among other things, there was a table "groups",
I've just renamed it to "groupes" (which is the meaning of this word in french) in the mysl db and the problem went away; to be honest, I think that this express object never worked well and the upgrade just revealed the problem which was already present

the trick, as always with c5's blank page problem, is to have a look in the log table directly in the db, you'll intercept the error message and be able to fix it - there are other debugging tricks but this one usually works quite good for me