concrete5 8.5.2rc1 is now available for testing!

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Hey everyone! Just letting you know that the first release candidate for concrete5 8.5.2 is now available!

There are a lot of additions this time around – more than usual for just a point release. Check them out here:

We'd love your help testing this release. We're doing something a little different this time; concrete5 Japan has put together a nice starting point for user-driven testing. It's a google sheet. I've made a copy of it and made it public, which means anyone can grab a copy. Please, feel free to open the google link below, install the release candidate, grab a row, and test away. You can take one task, you can take multiple.

Also – since this is a new process, I'm certain there are more interesting and useful tests we could be running. If you have feedback for this process, please let us know in Slack or as a comment on the Google spreadsheet; or you can PM me.

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