Concrete5 content managed iPad/iPhone application

Hi All,

for a project, we've developed a number of functions to allow you to create a concrete5 powered iOS application. The system allows access to content offline once the initial sync has been completed. It also features full user integration and scheduled updating of content.

It's a little bit of a far out usage, but we just wanted to gauge interest on placing the components into a package for sale in the add on store.


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PineCreativeLabs replied on at Permalink Reply
I don't know about this. You would have to contend with "responsive" themes (and addons) that are in the marketplace. Responsive designs make your site able to work on a variety of devices, including tablets and smartphone (iPhone).

Unless I'm misunderstanding what you're talking about here? Are you talking about a downloadable app that allows for site management from your iOS device? If so, I think that could be worth checking out.
lewisthird replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi There,

I'm referring to a native iOS app. I.E, using the concrete5 CMS to manage content within a native application that you can submit to the app store.
RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
As I understand it, Franz is not going to approve anything in the C5 marketplace that is releasable within an app store.

We have several native iOS and Android apps that API to C5, and after consulting with Frz (and perhaps his opinion has changed) it was decided that it was not going to happen, more specifically not in a way that would in any way be able to be directly associated to "Concrete5" & "Admin".

Our understanding is that the core team views this as a point of corporate face conflict, and entirely not worth the support and identity confusion.

So, what you have is obviously of huge value to your customer base. But so far as I know, will not be resalable within the C5 marketplace.

Perhaps Franz can correct or confirm here. But that is our understanding to date.

And, of course, if this stance has changed, then I have two packages I want to submit to the Marketplace asap myself! :-P

lewisthird replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi There,

Are you referring to an app that provides administrative utilities for Concrete5 or a package that allows C5 to provide content for an app?

RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
I think publishing of sorts would be acceptable. But administration and any inference of "concrete5" is not allowed is my understanding.

lewisthird replied on at Permalink Reply
Ah got ya. In this case, the app is the output and concrete5 is the content management system. So rather than producing a website with concrete5, you're producing a native iOS app.
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
It is in our plans to build an iOS and android app for concrete5 and
release them for free.
I'm perfectly happy to have other apps out there, for free or not - in the
app store and google play dilly.
I am not happy with those other apps positioning themselves as "concrete5"
first and formost through naming or logo use, because that will cause
confusion and stumbling blocks for us when we have the bandwidth to do the
core apps.

So by all means, "ProBlog iOS app for concrete5" or "Dashboard admin for
concrete5" knock yourself out...
Just "concrete5" and the hand logo as an icon - no thanks..

hope that makes sense and is agreeable to all.

best wishes

Franz Maruna
Responsive replied on at Permalink Reply

I looked at the following but never got round to looking into in more depth as busy creating responsive sites. Are you saying its like a phonegap approach for C5 sites?