Concrete5 on PHP 5.5


I'm starting a new project with C5 on a server with PHP5.5. Are there any known issues with PHP5.5 and C5 ? I curious if the integrated opCache works with C5.

I just stumbled about this page:

Isn't C5 using the MYSQL API they are talking about heavily? I know, deprecated does not mean 'not working' but still.

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Mainio replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, you're correct c5 relies quite heavily on the mysql API. Or in fact, the underlying DB component does (ADOdb).

As you mentioned, it is only deprecated and concrete5 does not display deprecation errors, so it should work OK. There are also some other deprecated features the concrete5.6 codebase is currently using (like not marking all static functions as static).

We've created a pull request in GitHub for this issue and it's currently pending:

@Remo does not want to risk it breaking anything, as it is an underlying change that will affect a lot of the codebase, although on a general level it SHOULD work OK. This is the downside of concrete5.6 not having a full test suite that would cover most of the core codebase.

The mysql extension is still shipped for PHP 5.5 and 5.6. Don't know about 5.7 yet but at least in PHP 7, it will be completely gone. I'd assume it will be a long time before that happens and don't even know if we even have a supported version of concrete5.6 when that happens.

Apart from the deprecation errors, c5.6 should work perfectly fine with PHP 5.5 and 5.6. It is also officially supported by the core team at least one year, so it should work with those versions of PHP also in the future. The non-official support might continue even after that.