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I am having a problem wit the "conversation" block. I am trying to use it to allow visitors to our site to leave us messages which can be looked at by admin and approved for display on the page. The block does this , however it also uses a captcha to check for human use. The problem I am having is that the captcha is not working correctly. It does not allow anybody to leave a message even if they have got the captcha correct. Is there any way around this please?

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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hello, removing the captcha is possible with a little manipulation but first a few things:

I tested the block with the captcha and it's working as expected so either your users didn't actually enter the correct code or you're using a captcha plugin that's not working.

If you'd rather use another captcha system, go to the marketplace and search for "captcha"

Keep in mind that without any captcha you might end up with a lot of spam.

If you really just want to get rid of the captcha anyway, follow these steps.

Make a copy of the file concrete\elements\conversation\message\author.php and put the copy in application\elements\conversation\message\author.php

Open the new file so you can modify it and towards the bottom delete these lines:
$captcha = Core::make('captcha'); ?>
<div class="form-group">
   <?php $captcha->label(); ?>
   <?php $captcha->showInput(); ?>
   <?php $captcha->display(); ?>

Then save.

Now make a copy of the file concrete\tools\conversations\add_message.php and put the copy in application\tools\conversations\add_message.php

In that new file look for the following lines (toward the middle) and remove them
$captcha = Core::make('captcha');
if (!$captcha->check()) {
    $ve->add(t("Incorrect image validation code. Please check the image and re-enter the letters or numbers as necessary."));

Then save.

Finally and very importantly, empty the cache from Concrete5's dashboard or you won't see the changes.

The Captcha is gone.

If you ever want it back, delete these 2 files and empty the cache again.
swinn replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks very much... I will check the captcha plug in first. It is very hit and miss but does tend to work about 5% of the time. If I can't get that working then I will follow your instructions to remove it.