copyright at end of my site


I was wondering how to remove the copyright at the end of my site. I have not yet registered the name of the site so I want avoid using it until I have.



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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
If it is a free theme, keeping the copyright may be a condition of use.

To remove it, you can edit the theme footer, usually by overriding the theme. See

There is a free block by mnakalay that adds copyright and has options to modify the footer copyright message for some themes.
jvansanten replied on at Permalink Reply
The best approach is to copy the theme you're using to your private space -- away from the core code -- and modify it there.

Currently, the theme is located in /home/concrete/themes/chosentheme.

Copy the chosentheme folder to:


Then, in a text editor, open up:

Find the copyright info and delete that.