custom search stuck on page 1

I'm using C5 v8 and I am running into an issue. I need to see the members of a particular group so when I go through the filtering process I get my 15 pages... but only 1 page at a time of course (I miss being able to select how many per page). Anyway, when I click on page 2, it instead resets itself to no groups in particular, just back to page 1 of all my users. I cleared the cache and that did not seem to work it out.

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w2f replied on at Permalink Reply
Something interesting to add:

It works if I go through this weird step:
Dashboard>Members>Advanced>Add Field> Select Field> User Group> Select Group>

all is good up until then, I get the list of pages as i mentioned above.

Here's the weird part:
Click on any page other than "1" and it bumps me back to the full list of member pages, but click on the browser back button, then back to Members in the dashboard and the group list pages are back and I can then click on any of them and it works.
weyboat replied on at Permalink Reply
Check your host to see if they are running varnish cache on the server, if they are, disable it.
w2f replied on at Permalink Reply
checked, and it is not installed.
VictorVea replied on at Permalink Reply
I also have the same problem when filtering the page search in Concrete 5 version 8 (dashboard> sitemap> search).

When I click on page 2, the filter is not applied to the results. Nevertheless, if you reload the page, for example by pressing F5, the paginator works correctly. This solution may be good for me but not for my customers.

I think the error is produced because the paginator component does not refresh after selecting the filter (just like the results list does).

Anyone have any idea how I could fix this?

Thanks in advance.