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I would like to reiterate just how much I like the Discussion Forums addon. And C5 ( generally.

My first point is about the Discussion Forums addon and the recent change to how HELP is dealt with (Zendesk). Using the old help system, we could see what help had been given, it was an extremely useful addition to the documentation and numerous topics had been worked through. I wish that many of them had been incorporated into the addon but I can also appreciate that the team has limited time to do that. I can also see the need for using the new help system. I've used it myself and the support gained is very reliable, it must be easier to track.

However, we can no longer access the very valuable old help topics. They were genuinely useful and there were several topics that I had either initiated myself or that I had read and expected to revisit when I had the time in the future. Would it be possible to restore them as a knowledge archive or something similar? Or is it there and I have missed it. It is a shame to lose those resources (for any addon) due to the move to zendesk support.

Secondly, I appreciate that the addon is still supported, thanks for the fairly recent updated (Oct 2015).

Thirdly, I have invested a lot of time in my websites and would like to think I could move to 5.7 some day but it isn't looking likely because I have thousands of pages and have purchased many 5.6 addons. With such a personal investment in my sites I'm starting to feel worried about the point in the future when I might need to migrate to a later version of C5, or something else. I might be looking several years ahead, I don't know, but it does cause me a lot of concern. Just throwing that out there, I'm sure these concerns aren't new to a lot of us. At this point I'm expecting to have to learn to code better and stick with 5.6. Any sort of migration would take many months I should think.

On a more positive note, whilst I can't see myself migrating any of my current sites, I'll probably give 5.7 a shot for my next website.

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frz replied on at Permalink Reply
You can still get to old support threads for all our add-ons. if there isn't a link in the sidebar, just throw /support on the url:


Upgrading/migrating - there's some tools available in github that we're using today.
The conversations built into version 7 don't have a full on discussion view like our add-on did, but they will eventually... It's reasonable to assume that eventually there will be mapping logic in the importer for discussion post pages to conversations.

No, i don't have a timeline for that until someone has a budget for it. ;)
Yes, I think basing your new work on version 7 is wise.
designserve replied on at Permalink Reply
Great answers, thank you! I'm especially relieved to be able to access the old support topics.