does my website need improvements?


I build the original website with Dreamweaver and Flash, then heard about CMS as a more efficient system and to future-proof web developments.

So I researched various CMS systems till I found Concrete - it's outward simplicity and design appealed, after struggling with it for a while, I decided to turn to C5 community for help - and got a quick response - from NZ, (side note - another example of how internet has shrunk world - Jesse Archer(thanks again) is based in a scenic part of New Zealand - while I'm in Hong Kong)

The transfer was made after only a few days - easy when you know how.

Now I'd like to ask anyone who's interested for their opinions on how I can improve on the design and functionality of the site (work-in-progress). I'd like to add some kind of photo stock library function to it and make my photographs and video available as micro-stock and footage.

your comments welcome

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cannonf700 replied on at Permalink Reply
Here are some things you can do to make your site a little more appealing.
First: your menu is hard to read and out-dated. Try doing something to make the text bigger and easier to read.
Second: try various page types for your gallery etc... the flash enabled "tiltview" is pretty cool but looks out of place on your site. a 'full width' page type would probably serve that page better than the 'left sidebar' page type that you're using now.
Third: the quote found in your 'left sidebar' should be higher up on the page.

Start with these and see what happens.
marksung replied on at Permalink Reply
thanks for the comments,

those points are good to know. will try and work on them. cheers
anttivaatainen replied on at Permalink Reply
You should consider taking bottom navigation to top. The one on bottom is much much clearer.

I would also consider different type of image gallery on frontpage, not the one that Concrete provided out-of-the-box, but something like this or you could thing some sort of big-list-of-thumbnnails type solution for image showing. That would fill the extra whitespace our site seems to be suffering.

Also you could bigger your font-sizes up. For example news block is (really)hard to read.

p.s: I would consider darked colours on page for bringing contrast between showcase pictures and site. Something like this could work for you: