I am still very attached to Concrete 5 and I remain convinced that it is the best CMS of the world .. but as I work also with WprdPress, I am very frustrated of the lack of extensions done well and in particular with regard to the slider.
I dream of being able to use an intelligent layerslider, fluid with beautiful animations and which reacts well in responsive

or a Smart Slider

I am looking for but I can not find an equivalent.
I use WhaleSlider, its developer is excellent and it rocked Concrete 5 by its template Pixel 2, but there is still more to do and it is thanks to this kind of extension that Concrete 5 can also find its audience.

If I was a developer ..
Can someone put me on the trail of a slider that I would not have seen?
Someone would have the talent to adapt a WP plugin?
It is not a question of coding the effects but of having practical interfarcice, that is also what makes the power of these tools.

Thank you

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