Edit Bar Blank

Searched the forums but cant find a solution.
My home page and some other pages show a completely bank edit bar.
The bar BG is there but that's it.

Tried all the tricks... clearing cache, dumping cache files, checking permissions, etc.

The site is on using v'enture' theme.
Any help much appreciated as always.

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Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
Sounds like a conflict.

deanhawthornthwaite replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Steve, would you believe it, just found the problem.
It was actually the 'venture' theme itself causing it.

I deleted most add-ons thinking this would prabalby be the cause but it didnt change.
I then noticed on one page where i was using the build in image slider there was just error text sliding. I managed to get into edit mode on that page and delete the slider and bingo everythingt back to normal.

Will avoid that slider now at all costs.
Thanks for your help anyhow.
Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
Good news, one less issue to worry about!