Email sent from forms not received in outlook, but received in webmail

Hi Everyone

Just found a weird thing:
I've created contact forms on different websites (hosted on different domains) and when i submit the forms sending it the clients addresses, they dont receive the emails. When i send it to my professional email address (on an exchange server) i dont receive it neither. BUT if i send it to my gmail address i receive the notification email...

So it's not a problem of sending the email (which is logged as sent...)

Is there a known issue with the parameters or headers of the email that might have trouble with outlook?

Thanks for your help

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frz replied on at Permalink Reply
Nope, if the mail is showing up in webmail, it should show up when outlook connects for messages as well.

The one thing I've found over the years is if the site is sending mail to its own domain, but the mail is hosted elsewhere through MX records, sometimes the site doesn't know that it isn't also in charge of mail and just sends it to itself.

So has a exchange server, most mail comes from the rest of the web, so it sees the MX record in DNS and sends the message to the mail box. the website was never configured to know about that MX record, so it sends mail to itself where it never gets read.

That make sense?
epurple replied on at Permalink Reply
thanks franz for that will check it now...

but what i meant by webmails was only gmail, hotmail etc... not the webmail from the exchange servers...

this is weird as when using a simple scrit such as
   if(mail("[email protected]","Email Test","Sending Fine","From: [email protected]"))
      echo "sent";
      echo "error";
have the same result...

will check the mx records
Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
if its using the php sendmail method (not smtp) it may think that its a forged email, (scam email) i had problems with that untill i switched it to smtp (it all ended up in my spam)
ideasponge replied on at Permalink Reply
if the mail is ending up on your mail server, then it has already left the website so has nothing to do with c5 at all. Chances are you have some issue with Outlook.
markm replied on at Permalink Reply
You will have to configure your MS server for relay access (SMTP) if you have mail coming in from 2 different boxes.