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Hi Guys
I'm thinking about each entry related add-on (e.g. Blog, Discussion, Testimonials and so on like these) should have an export & import option. So that If I want to have a backup of my entries, I don't need to have a full backup of the entire Database. Rather just export the particular section & import it into another. It will help in both having backup as a separate document as well as can import it anywhere in C5.

Similar functionality is there in the Zone Based Shipping add-on, so that I don't need to create my rules each time I set up the site.

Let me know guys about your opinion.


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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Functionality like that doesn't need to be tied to each specific block. It could be a general utility that is pretty much block-agnostic for blocks that only have a primary table. It would however need the block specific methods to extend it where a secondary table is concerned or subsidiary content such as images from the file manager.

Such a base level functionality could then be used to further develop higher levels such as page export/import.
ronyDdeveloper replied on at Permalink Reply
Page Export & Import will be the best option if it could be.

But I'm not talking about blocks as it is little difficult to export files and images. I thought about the general listings which is mostly content specific. So that while exporting, it only exports the related tables of that specific section.