SOLVED:Fatal error: Class '\Concrete\Core\Backup\ContentImporter\ContentImporterServiceProvider' not found

Hi all,

I edited my .htaccess file incorrectly and caused my website not to load. Getting error:

Fatal error: Class '\Concrete\Core\Backup\ContentImporter\ContentImporterServiceProvider' not found in /home/darcle3/ on line 28

I replaced the .htaccess file in server to the version when the site was working and re-load this and still get error message. I then did a website restore back 3 days then 2 weeks which is as far as I can go back. This has made no difference. As the error message above states indicated to me that there are [ CORE CC5 files missing ].

But what I dont get is why the system restore has not fixed this given the ONLY change I made was to the .htaccess file. I am only guessing that there has been an issue with CC5 backing up. I still have dreamhost looking at this but I think this is going to come back to me somehow. Totally lost on this. Dreamhost did have a look at the [ LINE28 as error states ] but they stated they could not see anything of an issue there which I dont get. Any help would be great ! As site is dead in the water at the moment. Thanks Darren
p.s I cant access admin panel

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melange replied on at Permalink Reply
SOLVED [ well at least site is back up ]

Solution :
doing is restore mysql from a previous point>
Using the following settings> "My restored tables should be named tablename__TIMESTAMP and the tables there now should be untouched."

Further work needed , but can access site for now.