File manager- no thumbnail preview on some files - how to rescan all?

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In file manager I have some thumbnails not appearing, instead recieving a stock image placeholder. It does not seem related to file type or size. I have cleared the cache.

I found this forumn thread which sounds simular, but doesn't confirm the solution:

On a single image I can view the properties of the file, then hit 'RESCAN' which then corrects the thumbnail.

Would the correct fix be to regenerate all these thumbnails - ie RESCAN ALL? Is there such a function? Could a JOB be setup to do this once in a while?

Kind regards,

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TooqInc replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hi Paul,

You can select all and use the control on the top left of the file manager. There is a drop down to choose bulk actions from, one of which is rescan.

I also had this on a site and it had to do with some of the folders (tmp, trash, cache) in the files folder not holding their permissions properly. I recreated the folders and transferred content, re-scanned the images and all was golden. If a simple rescan does not work, try this.

Good Luck,
c5bruceandwalker replied on at Permalink Reply

I never thought to look in bulk actions, but true enough the option is there. Many thanks, rescanned all 220 images and now thumbnails are displaying on all files - YEAH!

Hope this helps someone else out.
Jupiter replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Hello myTooq
I tried this in my website but it did not work. Can you please tell another way to solve it. When i am uploading the image file the loading does not stop. but when i am refreshing the file manager search list page the uploaded file is showing in the list without thumbnail and file size as zero.