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I have a bunch of PDF documents I need to have on my website to be fillable from that page, with the results sent to me. PLEASE tell me there is a way to embed these or something. I can't figure it out. I can get them to print or download, but I can't make them fillable. Please help?

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jjdb210 replied on at Permalink Reply
I guess it depends on what your looking for... If your looking to make it so the user can fill in fields on the PDF itself, and then print it (not save it) on their home computer (like the IRS does for their forms), you generally need to use Adobe Acrobat Professional to add the "fields" to the PDF. This tool can often be found in the tools->form menu.

You could also be looking for a way to turn an HTML form submission into a PDF. That's a bit more complicated and would require some programming (I recommend reading up on fpdf for php).
senshidigital replied on at Permalink Reply 2 Attachments
First off you need the latest full version of Acrobat to create a fillable PDF.

Once you have created your file and still in acrobat got to the 'forms' menu and select 'distribute form'. (see attached images)

Just select the email option and you can send this out to users or place the file on your site. When a user opens it in the latest acrobat reader (or possible browser but not tested) they can fill out the form and then email it to you.

Hope this helps.
lifeadmin replied on at Permalink Reply
I HAVE the PDF files... I have the latest Adobe, I've made the documents I need. I don't need to distribute them, I just want them to be accessible from the website, just like creating a form through concrete, but using the ones I have. Is that not possible?
JimboJetset replied on at Permalink Reply
Accessing them from a website is a form of distribution is it not... try dojos suggestion but instead of attaching the pdf to an email you link to it from your site. From there it generally depends on your clients browser setup as to whether the pdf will be displayed in the browser for editing (has Adobe plugin installed) or downloaded like a file. I've never come accross a way to 'embed' a dynamic pdf file into a web page like a form. pdfs are generally linked files that display in the entire browser window and only if the Adobe plugin for that browser is installed.
senshidigital replied on at Permalink Reply
Yep I agree with Jimbo. You have to rely on the user first having the Acrobat plugin installed and if they have set up the browser to view the PDF or download. Plus the forms do not always work in older versions of the acrobat plugin.

The only other way I can think of is converting the PDF to HTML. See the following link: