Form details

Probably a very simple one but when using the 'Form' add on which works fine you can set who the form is posted to (my client) but the 'from' information shows my email address (webmaster/designer).

How do I change this?

Many thanks

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rdains replied on at Permalink Reply
Kind of a messy fix, but it works for me. Copy concrete/blocks/form/controller.php to blocks/form/controller.php (this will prevent you from having to redo this if and when you uprade).

Around line 323, you should see this code:
$formFormEmailAddress = $adminUserInfo->getUserEmail();

Edit it to look like this:
$formFormEmailAddress = '[email protected]';

Hope that helps.
rdains replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
dhdesign replied on at Permalink Reply
OK thanks for your efforts. Shame we can't just set that in the block edit.