Help? I accidentally deleted my theme (and all my work)

I accidentally deleted the theme "Greek Yogurt" (which I was using to build my site) instead of clicking "customize". Now, everything is gone, and I was 95% finished!!!

1. How can I get the theme back

2. Is there a way to restore everything I had previously done???

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landollweb replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm presuming you mean you deleted the files for the theme?

You can get another copy of the theme files from the original C5 download. The file path is /concrete/themes/greek_yogurt. Just copy all the files in that folder to the same path in your installation.

All the content you developed should still be present in the database, so once you restore your theme files, you should be able to see it again.

You should also be able to just switch to another theme from the dashboard, and that should also "bring back" your content.
melhalp replied on at Permalink Reply
I looked in my hosts file manager under public_html, and the theme is there. (It's also in the www directory...
melhalp replied on at Permalink Reply
And I tried another theme, and all my work is still there (yes!), but I would still like to have the greek yogurt theme...
andrew replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Run this query in your database:

insert into PageThemes (ptHandle) values ('greek_yogurt');

And Greek Yogurt should come back into your Dashboard themes page. Then activate that theme for your site and it will look as it did.
melhalp replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry, but I'm not that computer do I do that?
mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
That is an SQL command that you would run against your database.

You would 'execute' it in something like phpMyAdmin in the control panel for your hosting, against your concrete5 database.
melhalp replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks! That worked!!!!!!!!
andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
Yeah. Usually your web host would have a control panel that would have
something labelled "phpMyAdmin" or "Database" or something like that,
you would choose that option, find the database you used when
installing concrete5, open that database, look for something called
"Execute Query" or "Run SQL" or something like that, and paste in what
I pasted before.

Sorry this is such a pain. We probably should at the very least have
an "Are you sure?!" when deleting a theme.
melhalp replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, an additional step would prevent this problem...

Thanks for the help!
asbsPerth2012 replied on at Permalink Reply
I've followed every step you've suggested and I've managed to upload Greek Yogurt and can see it on the page theme but when I go to activate it it returns the message - Fatal error: Class 'Global area' not found in home/blah/ on line 31. Any ideas? I am so close....
asbsPerth2012 replied on at Permalink Reply
Downloaded the latest update and it worked! Thanks.