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i am trying to use images that are ftp ed onto my public html pages but i cant make concrete see them am i barking up the wrong tree?
getting very frustrated.

any help would go a long way


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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
The c5 file manager 'Upload' can get files by

a) Direct upload from your browser, so you don't need to FTP

b) from the /files/incoming/ directory of your web site, so you need to FTP them to that specific location

c) from any URL.

Unless any of the images are big or you have already FTP'd a lot of them, Its likely simplest to use (a) and forget about FTP.
If the image files are big or you have already uploaded a lot, you need to use the host control panel to move the files to /files/incoming/ and continue with Import as per (b).
paulsgarden replied on at Permalink Reply
thanks for the reply
i am still having problems, i am ftp'ing to my site directory (jpegs and mp4 files) just cant work out the url to point concrete at to get the images.
i am trying to build a time lapse portal so it need to show the latest snap shot image and the last 24 hours as the mp4.
i know it can do it i just cant work it out :(