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I had my website remade with concrete5 and the new site launched May 10. Since then my hosting company, inmotion hosting, has been warning me and occasionally suspending my server for heavy CPU usage. I am now on a mid level VPS at $90/month. The site is done in 5.4.2 (5.5 had just come out when we started building and not all the add-ons worked with the new release so we went forward with the older stable version).

Inmotion's systems guy told me today that I'm in the top 7 users on the VPS server, using between 4.5% and 7% of cpu resources. That's double what they want and they are now saying I need to get a private server. Yesterday I had 11,500 unique visitors resulting in 847,000 'hits'. That's fairly typical at about 10,000 visitors per day. Their hardware is the latest generation Intel Xeon quad core 2.8 Gz Dell rack servers.

They want me to upgrade to a private server for $200/month. This is kind of crazy in that prior to the C5 redesign, I had a pure html site on a shared host at godaddy for like $8/month! I like the new site, but not $2,000+/yr more.

Would upgrading to 5.5 help? I'm already using C5's cache and APC. Are there any other optimization tricks that would reduce the CPU usage. Apparently memory is not an issue. The systems guy said the site's performance is "actually pretty good for that much traffic". I'm really hoping to avoid the private server but maybe it's the nature of the beast with a popular site running a php CMS?
A couple screenshots of my awstats are attached. The site address ishttp://www.netknots.com

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jero replied on at Permalink Reply
Try adding this into config/site.php

define('CACHE_FRONTEND_OPTIONS', serialize(array('automatic_cleaning_factor' => 0)));

It will more than likely reduce your cpu usage by a factor of 10.

For reasons why it works check out

Mainio replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry if you got my last message, I was reading this too fast and thought this was more about response times for your clients.

BUT, try tweaking APC cache settings, take the most out of your memory that can help you reduce CPU load.
meholer replied on at Permalink Reply
Did that script for site.php help at all? I'm also having CPU issues and wondering if you've resolved your issues.
slojes replied on at Permalink Reply
Well, if I remember right (questionable), that script was for Zend caching but I am using APC and the two are different and an either or kind of thing. I don't know for sure if that even makes sense, as I am just the dummy end user client. I do remember that the tech guy at the host changed a system setting giving APC more memory - from 32MB to 128MB and that helped. Things calmed down for a while but recently got out of hand again. The host suspended my site again. A new tech guy I am working with (message me if you want his contact info - I thought he was very good) found that the c5 ecommerce database had 2 million lines in it and he cleared it out and that really took care of both the host complaining about my site and the speed of pages in the ecommerce section. So this time it seemed to be a mysql database issue, maybe it was previously as well.
I understand that the newest version of c5 addresses database issues better than the 4.2.2 that my site is built on so an upgrade may be in order for me in the near future. I am very sorry that I am not of more help, I'm not very tech savvy and know just enough to get in trouble it seems. - John
meholer replied on at Permalink Reply
Did that script for site.php help at all? I'm also having CPU issues and wondering if you've resolved your issues.
Blenderite replied on at Permalink Reply
Are you having issues on the server or your PC?
meholer replied on at Permalink Reply
CPU time is much too high and my hosting company is threatening to shut me down.
Blenderite replied on at Permalink Reply
What kind of site do you have? WHat type of content does it have? How many pages?