How do I change base URL in Projects

My base URL has been changed for one of my projects (currently I have 2 licenses for add-ons with that project).

How do I ensure that the change is done on my C5 account?

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frz replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
like on on the project page?

It doesn't matter. it will just list any instance of the same database that you connect to the community with there. no big deal which one is called which.

if you mean how do you make your own website resolve to a specific URL when there are multiple domains pointing at it, read this how-to:
WebSolutions replied on at Permalink Reply
Cool, thanks!
vincentwansink replied on at Permalink Reply
I think I have a similar question. The url listed on my project page is the temporary url my host gave me (ip address plus some other stuff).

Now that I have a permanent domain, how do I get my project page to list the domain name with my project as opposed to this ugly temporary url?

I know it doesn't affect my website, I just want to keep my project page organized and looking tidy.
WebSolutions replied on at Permalink Reply
for now at least, it looks like you'll have to leave it, as there's no way to change it. for me it doesn't matter, so long as all the licenses work.
hounddog replied on at Permalink Reply
To change the URL you see in the address bar when visiting your site from an IP address to a proper name, eg. from to you can modify the BASE URL line in the site.php file found in the config folder in your webspace.