how do i change pages to start with https not http ?

Hi guys,
Using e commerce add on on latest verson

Having a bit of a nightmare when ever i create a new page the platform seems to create page in http and not https is there a easy way to chance this as the SSL is picking it up as insecure

Total novice here so any help very welcome

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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
The page is created neither as an http nor as an https.
To get your page to show as https you have to follow some rules:
1- You need an ssl certificate installed on your server
2- You need to make sure that all resources loaded by your page (images, css files, javascript files...) are either from the same domain (same server) or if from another domain, it's pulling the resource from an https link
3- You need to force the page to use https and you can use an excellent free add-on for that. You can find it here:
diggerdog replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you very much for your reply

1 I have SSL on server
2 In the process of removing all exturnal links
3 I will get the Free add on to force SSL

Quick question, does the add on change pages that allready start with http?
Or will i need to rebuild that page?

Thank you for all your help so far

mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
No no, the add-on doesn't change anything to your page. As I explained, http and https do not change anything to your page. Https requires your page to follow certain rules for safety reasons but that's all.

HTTPs if you want is the same as HTTP except that it is crypted. Your website goes through HTTP or HTTPS to send data back and forth. So the add-on will just force your page to use HTTPS instead of HTTP. It's like making a car take one route instead of another, you don't need to modify the car.