How does upgrade from to 8.2.1 effect currently installed add-ons ?

Hi all,

Very long story , Ill try and keep it short. I have had issue with my website performance and after just getting the site back up and running doing is restore mysql from a previous point. Its been suggested to me to improve website performance I should upgrade my version of CC5. I currently have version and the next upgrade listed in admin is 8.2.1
I have many addons which are for my version. I have gone to add-ons and see there is a COMPATIBLE note listed e.g COMPATIBLE5.7.4+ Does this mean all the add-ons or some will work on verison 8.2.1. Any advise on this would be great !


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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
Many add-ons that are for will work in 8.2.1 but some will not, I would suggest either contact the developers, or create a development site and try the upgrade and see what happens.